Onani/Masturbasi – Something wrong or it’s natural? — Part 1 (English Version)

This is my English version on my notes about masturbation whether it’s natural or a sin? As one of my colleague from US asked me to give an English version, hope you can understand my English.

Note: This article is purely my theological perspective and I want we discuss it in both covers either it pro or contra about masturbation.

Generally fundamentalist Christian would say that masturbation is a SIN, and the favorite scripture is about The SIN of The son of Judah. Where Onan was punished by God when he let his semen out. We can read this in:

Genesis 38:8-10–Then Judah said to Onan, “Go sleep with your brother’s widow. Do your duty for her as a brother-in-law, and produce a descendant for your brother.” But Onan knew that the descendant wouldn’t belong to him, so whenever he slept with his brother’s widow, he wasted his semen on the ground to avoid giving his brother a descendant. What Onan did angered the LORD so much that the LORD took away Onan’s life too.

GOD’S WORD® Translation (©1995)

Seem a little bit freaky .. but let’s we review this in several point of view.

Understanding Masturbation

Mostly in Indonesia we use words Onani instead of using masturbation and commonly word “onani” is used for male masturbation, perhaps because it is driven from Onan’s name as we mention the story above.  Let we see first its etymology of masturbation. Masturbation is driven from 3 Latin words; manus = hand, mazdo = penis and tubare = interfere.  Thus you know what I mean .. lol interfere your genitals with HANDS.

But now is very funny because people is getting smarter or maybe dumb, they are not only using HANDS as the etymology said but using some bizarre equipments such as the news from Hongkong, that tells a man age 41 y.o name Le Xiang which his Mr. P was stuck when he was using a metal hole on park bench for masturbation.. really people?? I DONT WANT TO LIVE IN THIS PLANET ANYMORE.. lol

And mostly 90% of female when they hear word masturbation will fell disgust but in contrary if male, I bet like 98% will not considered this as disgust thing.. why? According to a research “Prevalence of masturbation and associated factors in a British national probability survey” on 2007 about 95% male does masturbation and 71% female does it with age range from 16-41 y.o. But realistically I would say 98% male does masturbation

Personally I knew masturbation when I was in very early of age 4-5 y.o seriously dude?? (I am think I am smarter enough) Yes I did.. Don’t ask me how? Because I didn’t  remember at all. At that time I didn’t have understanding about sexual. My case is maybe too extreme, again normally (which I am not) people know masturbation around ages of school.

Before I made this article I have done several discussions with some teens, there was a teens let say his name “Bambang” – He did masturbation when he was in Junior high school because his friends persuade him to watch porn movies. Some other teens did it because “accidently” plying his genitals when he was taking bath. And again mostly of my sample is male, maybe because very rare female want to open about sexual talks. Interestingly about 95% of male feel guilty after doing masturbation.

Ways of Masturbation

If we come back to the etymology it seems that masturbation is limited by “rubbing” the genitals by hand, but actually whatever we do to stimulate our genitals can be considered a masturbation. For example: Rubbing it with pillows, using sex toys and some other bizarre tools using banana, cucumber, etc..Of course every masturbation activities will be followed by sexual fantasy, either while watching porn movies, porn pictures – well mostly boys

Some other type masturbations is called mutual masturbation, when is a sexual act where two or more people stimulate themselves or one another sexually, usually with the hands. It can be part of a full repertoire of sexual intercourse.

Oke that’s enough.. Now how bible is says about it?

Hmm… interesting if we review the scripture that is quoted by most of fundamentalist Christians about onan the son of Judah in the book of Genesis, personally I frankly said that no synchronization with act of masturbation.

Let’s see the context of this scripture. As we know that Onan is the son of Judah, where his brother Er had died, now if we trace moreover that his father Judah is the son of Israel that would become one of Israel tribes, thus the only hope for Judah to continue his offspring is through Onan. Need to reconsider that at the time number of people were not much at that time, if we read in verse 9 in the book of Genesis 38, we found that Onan ovoid to continue his offspring which also avoid continuing Judah tribe’s existence.

What Onan did is what we called coitus interrupted and not masturbation. This was considered as an evil deed by God, since suppose to be Onan that continue the offspring of Judah tribes which it can also effected to the humans offspring’s (remember the number of human at the times still not much) but he rejected to do that. By his deed he is not only threaten Judah clans but also the survival of mankind at that era. (Again this is my personal view)

Oke seems the score is 1-0 for onaniers (masturbator).. hoho.. wait the minute..

Let see Talmudic reference to understand about masturbation. In Talmud there is a term Zera Levatala (זרע לבטלה) this is concept that refers to any sexual act in which a male’s sperm is consciously “wasted”, and according to some Rabbinic interpretation said that this SIN –sperm in vain- is considered greater than any sin in the Torah.

But again Talmudic is a Jewish rabbinic interpretation which we can use that all as the source of truth since in some passage of Talmud we found that Jesus and Christianity were insulted. Talmud was written in 200 – 500 CE and some passage is written as the anti thesis of Christian doctrine.

Well oke now seems the score is 2-0 for onaniers.. but please this still 1st round of our discussion, in part 2 we will see the Christian views on masturbation (fundamentalist and moderate).

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